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T&J Custom Knives

T&J Custom Knives

Established in 2015, T&J Custom Knives creates hunting, culinary, camping and neck knives. 

Each knife is hand crafted from 1080-1095 High Carbon Steel or 01 Tool Steel.  Our sheaths are made from cowhide and each is hand stitched.   

Handles are made using multiple methods that include but are not limited to: Micarta, Cypress, Oak and  Buffalo Horn.


Care Instructions for your Knife and Sheath

      Leather can absorb moisture which can damage your knife blade. Do not store your knife in the sheath, if possible. If you sheath does get wet while you are out, coat the entire knife with WD40, cooking oil, etc. Clean and dry knife as quickly as possible. Allow the sheath to dry naturally.

      Each sheath is custom made for your knife. If living in a humid part of the country, your sheath may feel looser due to the humidity. If  you are out, and this happens, remove knife and flatten the sheath on a flat surface, then replace the knife and it should fit better. If it happens frequently, clean and oil your knife, put your knife in sheath. Put in your clothes dryer on accessory shelf only (like you use to dry your tennis shoes), put knife and sheath on shelf. Turn your dryer on LOW heat for around 30 minutes. If this is not available, use your hair dryer on low heat. Hold the dryer about 8 inches from the sheath. Move the dryer up and down the sheath till the knife inside feels warm to touch. This process is to shrink your sheath to fit your knife better only.  If you sheath fits well, but gets wet, let it dry naturally since it does not need to shrink. 




T & J Knives are made to last a lifetime. If any defects in my workmanship or materials are found, please contact me immediately and I will make sure it is corrected.

If the knife is misused, this does not apply. The material the blades are made from are not water friendly. Washing and drying the blade immediately is fine, but prolonged moisture to the blade will promote rusting. 

The tip and edge of the blade have been hardened and will not withstand being used to pry hard objects. These knives are used for cutting.  

If your knife does become damaged, I will be happy to take a look at it to determine the estimated cost to repair it, if possible, along with postage costs before I work on it.


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